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These tools help with keyword organization, ad creation, negative keywords, optimization, lead tracking, ROI, wasted ad spend and more. They will save you hours of time in setting up campaigns and possibly thousands of dollars in wasted ad spend. For beginners & advanced users alike!
ThE PPC Tool Box...
saveS you
This is a collection of custom tools designed to help you with creating, setting up, and managing your Google Ads campaigns. 
Limited Time Only!
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Or... if Your interested?

Just Released... Our brand new "Ads Unlocked" Google Ads Training Course.

This course includes all of the PPC tools that you see on this page along with more than 55 step-by-step training videos for you to learn:

• How to Set Up a Google Ads Campaign
• How to Fix Your Campaigns
• How to Optimize & Scale Your Campaigns
• And So Much More...

Ads Unlocked - Google Ads Training
What The PPC Tool Box Does for You &
Your Google Ads Campaigns...
Saves you time and money, each and every day, by using tools to save you TIME!
• Save HOURS on setting up your keyword lists for your Google Ads campaigns!
• Save HOURS on building your ads for your Google Ads campaigns!
• Save HOURS each week on optimizing your Google Ads campaigns!
• Save THOUSANDS of dollars in your Google ads campaigns by setting them up correctly with our negative keyword lists. 
• Save THOUSANDS of dollars in your campaings figuring out what's broken and what's not. 
Land more clients by being able to discuss PPC costs with them with our PPC Worksheets. 
• Keep your Google Ads campaigns performing well to make you MORE money!
• Helps keep you working ON your business and not IN your business.
"Thanks Mike, these tools are very useful."
- Sandeep G.
“A lot of content in a few minutes that can save -and make - a lot of money ."
- Daniel F.
"Great job Mike! Love the info and your tools."
- Luz M.
"Great walk through These tools are extremely useful. Thank you!"
- Bill B.
"This was great! Really enjoyed watching, cant wait to see more from you soon : ) 
- Gareth B.
“A Clear explanation and easy to digest, thank you."
- Atalia A.
The PPC Tool Box
NOTE: These Tools Are In the Order You Would Use Them...
From Starting a Campaign to Optimizing (or Fixing) it.
PPC Campaign Setup Checklist

Tool #1

PPC Campaign Setup Checklist

This PPC checklist will help you figure out what you’ve done, what you NEED to do and what’s coming up when you’re setting up new campaigns.

Video Tutorial Included
PPC Campaign Launch Checklist
PPC Keyword Spreadsheets

Tool #2

PPC Keyword Spreadsheets

Excel spreadsheets that we use when BUILDING out new PPC campaigns. Enter in your keywords and sort them out. Then upload using Google Adwords Editor.

Video Tutorial Included
Service Business Keywords

Tool #3

Service Business Keywords

A list of keywords for your service business. These are PROVEN keywords used in hundreds of service businesses and these are proven to be profitable keywords. 

Video Tutorial Included
Service Business Keywords Spreadsheet
Negative Keyword List

Tool #4

Negative Keyword List

More than 2300 Negative Keywords in 24 different categories. This list will save you THOUSANDS of dollars in advertusing spend.

Video Tutorial Included
The Text Ad Generator

Tool #5

PPC Text Ad Generator

Craft DOZENS of Google Ads in a matter of minutes then upload all of them at once using Google Adwords Editor. This tool will save you hours.

Video Tutorial Included
PPC Stats Spreadsheet

Tool #6

PPC Stats Spreadsheet

Helps you keep track of your PPC campaign statistics and over time will show you where your changes have WORKED and where they HAVEN'T.

Video Tutorial Included
Ads Mistakes to Avoid Checklist

Tool #7

Google Ads Mistakes to Avoid Checklist

This is our checklist for WHAT NOT TO DO inside of your Google Ads campaigns. Important tips from someones whos managed millions of dollars in advertising spend. 

Video Tutorial Included
Google Ads / PPC Mistakes to Avoid
Wasted Ad Spead Worksheet

Tool #8

PPC Wasted Ad Spend Worksheet

Ever wonder how much you’re wasting in your PPC account? Enter in a few numbers and see where you’re WASTING your PPC advertising spend. 

Video Tutorial Included
PPC ROI Calculator

Tool #9

PPC ROI Calculator

When deciding on a PPC budget, this is a handly little tool to help you figure out the stats and/or budget you may need for your campaign.

Video Tutorial Included
PPC Ads Cost Worksheet

Tool #10

Google Ads Cost Worksheet

These PRO TIPS will help you drive down your Google Ads costs and help your ads be more effective. This in turn will bring you in more leads.

Video Tutorial Included
Google Ads Cost Worksheet
Lead Tracking Worksheet

BONUS - Tool #11

Lead Tracking Worksheet

Tracking leads has never been easier with this worksheet. I know where EVERY DOLLAR (down to the penny) comes from because of this sheet and it tells me what’s working in my marketing. 

Video Tutorial Included
Email Swipe File

BONUS - Tool #12

Email Swipe File

We just threw this in because.... well... why not?

Now you don’t have any excuse to not send emails to your customer list. Start with these 5 emails that have already been written for you. The first 5 emails you will need. 
Email Swipe File
Mike Mancini
So Who's Mike?
  • Founded eCommerce company that sold products to more than 90 countries worldwide,  2007   (Sold eCommerce company in 2013)
  • Started his Google Ads Agency, "Mancini Digital",  2013
  • Started Google Ads Training Platform, "PPC Video Training",  2016
  • Started his Google Ads Agency Training Course "Ads Agency Unlocked", December of 2020

When do I get the tools?

Immediately after purchase. You'll be directed to a member's area when you can download all of the tools immediately. 

Is There a Guarantee?

No. All purchases are final. The reason that we don't offer a guarantee is because of the LOW cost of purchase and the fact that these are tools that are going to be downloaded. This keeps people from purchasing them, downloading them, and then asking for a refund (aka... stealing!). 

What format are the tools in?

The spreadsheets are build in Microsoft Excel. All of the other documents are in PDF form. 

Can I Alter the Spreadsheets?

Yes... they are yours. You can do what you like with them (except for reselling them). 
With that said, most of them are protected worksheets, but that is so that you don't accidentaly click into a cell and delete the formulas. 
However, if you'd like to unprotect them, simply click on the "Review" tab and then "Unprotect Worksheet". You will need to do this for EACH worksheet. You will NOT need a password to unlock them. 

Why did you create these tools?

Well, initially I just created them to save myself some time in building out Google Ads campaigns for clients. Once I did that (and I used them for a few years just in my agency), I actually shared them with some other agency owners and they LOVED them. With that said... these tools have now been put into the hands of more than 1000 poeple!

What if I need support?

If you have ANY problems at all with the purchase phase, with the member's area, or with the tools, please just reach out to 

All of the tools have a video included that will show you how to use them. Our suggestion is to save a MASTER copy of the tool to a folder on your computer and then make a copy of it to use (so that if you ever mess up the original, you still have the master copy). 
PPC / Google Ads
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Here's What Others Have Said About Our Tools / Training...
“Your the man. When your said your budget ads can go through the roof in seconds i new something was wrong and I kept watching and your tools solved every problem I had. Thanks to you my Detailing business is one step in the right direction.

- Jr P.
"Such great information! Really appreciate this!

- Heather E.
"Super helpful! Gave me clarity and a system, thank you so much! Especially the files you offered for download were extremely valuable to me."

- Vicky B.
"Great info I’m still so new to the ad process so this is all helpful.

- Trina B.
“As a beginner who literally started 10 days ago, i have to say they (tools) are incredibly informative! A lot of content in a few minutes that can save -and make - a lot of money ."

- Daniel F.
"Thank You! We like your tools!"

- Tour G.
"Mike really knows his stuff and will give it to you straight. There's no need to worry about being "sold" and it's worth the time to learn from him to help grow your business."

- Jesse M.
"The results have been more than we could have expected!”

- Ben S.
"Thanks so much — one of the best decisions I made for marketing my business."

- Rachel L.
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